Friends of the Somme - Mid Ulster Branch  
Cemetery Townland CWGC
Albert Communal Cemetery Extension Albert,  Somme 61300
Ancre British Cemetery Beaumont-Hamel,  Somme 2091300
Arras Memorial Arras,  Pas-de-Calais 82700
Aubigny Communal Cemetery Ext Aubigny,  Somme 5300
Auchonvillers Military Cemetery Auchonvillers,  Somme 7000
Authuile Military Cemetery (Authuille) Authuile,  Somme 66101
Bagneux British Cemetery Gezaincourt,  Somme 5700
Bailleul Communal Cemetery (Nord) Bailleul,  Nord 2000047
Bailleul Communal Cemetery Ext (Nord) Bailleul,  Nord 2000048
Bayeux Memorial Calvados,  Normandy 2060300
Bertenacre Military Cemetery Fletre,  Nord 27402
Bethune Town Cemetery Pas De Calais,  Pas-de-Calais 6000
Blighty Valley Cemetery Authuile,  Somme 18500
Bois-Carre Military Cemetery Haisnes,  Nord 62302
Bois-Grenier Communal Cemetery Bois Grenier,  Nord 63405
Boulogne Eastern Cemetery Boulogne,  Pas-de-Calais 4800
Browns Rd Cemetery Festubert,  Pas-de-Calais 2000035
Bruay Communal Cemetery Extension Bruay,  Pas-de-Calais 56200
Calais Southern Cemetery Calais,  Pas-de-Calais 54000
Cambrai Memorial Louverval,  Nord 79300
Canada Cemetery Tilloy-les-Cambrai,  Nord 59000
Canadian Cemetery No 2 Neuville St Vaast,  Pas-de-Calais 2103985
Carnoy Military Cemetery Carnoy, Albert,  Somme 29800
Caterpillar Valley Cemetery Longueval,  Somme 61400
Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery Artmentieres,  Nord 27801
Combles Communal Cemetery Ext. Combles,  Somme 65400
Connaught Cemetery Thiepval,  Somme 58600
Couin New British Cemetery Couin,  Pas-de-Calais 17201
Croisilles British Cemetery Croisilles,  Pas-de-Calais 68000
Cuinchy Communal Cemetery Cuinchy,  Pas-de-Calais 65700
Delville Wood Cemetery Longueval,  Somme 61100
Doullens Communal Cemetery Ext. 1 Doullens,  Somme 8101
Dunkirk Memorial Dunkirk,  Pas-de-Calais 2082800
Dury Mill British Cemetery Dury,  Pas-de-Calais 24900
Englebelmer Communal Cemetery Englebelmer,  Somme 27900
Esnes Communal Cemetery Esnes,  Nord 33502
Etaples Military Cemetery Etaples,  Pas De Calais 56500
Fins New British Cemetery Sorel-Le-Grand,  Somme 61500
Forceville Communal Cemetery and Ext Forceville,  Somme 11400
Forest-sur-Marque Communal Cemetery Forest-sur-Marque,  Nord 2026952
Fosse 10 Communal Cemetery Ext Sains-en-Gohelle,  Pas-de-Calais 31302
Gavrelle Communal Cemetery Pas De Calais,  Pas-de-Calais 2027288
Glageon Communal Cemetery Glageon,  Nord 2000004
Gordon Dump Cemetery Ovillers La Boiselle,  Somme 2000038
Grand-Seraucourt British Cemetery Aisne,  Aisne 64101
Grevillers New Zealand Memorial Bapaume,  Pas-de-Calais 166400
Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner Cuinchy,  Pas-de-Calais 4003815
Hangard Wood British Cemetery Domart,  Somme 25704
Hermies British Cemetery Hermies,  Pas-de-Calais 30600
Honnechy British Cemetery Honnechy,  Nord 63203
Houchin British Cemetery Bethune,  Pas-de-Calais 57500
Houplines Communal Cemetery Extension Armentieres,  Nord 28401
Janval Cemetery Dieppe,  Seine-Maritime 2000076
La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Memorial La Ferte,  Seine-et-Marne 79100
La Kreule Military Cemetery Hazebrouk,  Nord 6701
Le Cateau Military Cemetery Le Cateau,  Nord 65800
Le Grand Hasard Military Cemetery Morebecque,  Nord 6601
Le Grand-Luce War Cemetery Le Grand-Luce,  Sarthe 2090501
Le Mans West Cemetery Le Mans,  Sarthe 33990
Le Touret Memorial Le Touret,  Pas-de-Calais 85800
Les Baraques Military Cemetery Calais,  Pas-de-Calais 8300
Lillers Communal Cemetery Lillers,  Pas-de-Calais 2102870
London Cemetery and Extension Longueval,  Somme 2090400
Longueval Road Cemetery Longueval,  Somme 24002
Lonsdale Cemetery Authuile,  Somme 59400
Loos Memorial Loos-en-Gohelle,  Pas-de-Calais 79500
Louez Military Cemetery Louez-les-Duisans,  Pas de Calais 3000
Louvencourt Military Cemetery Louvencourt,  Somme 11500
Marissel French National Cemetery Beauvais,  Oise 29212
Maroeuil British Cemetery Maroeuil,  Pas-de-Calais 11800
Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery Romagne,  Meuse
Mill Road Cemetery Thiepval,  Somme 60600
Mont Huon Military Cemetery Le Treport,  Seine-Maritime 11700
Namps-au-Val British Cemetery Namps-au-Val,  Somme 4002
Noeux-les-Mines Communal Cemetery Bethune,  Pas-de-Calais 53501
Noyon New British Cemetery Noyon,  Oise 64104
Peronne Road Cemetery MariCourt,  Somme 32200
Philosophe British Military Cemetery Mazingarbe,  Pas-de-Calais 5400
Pozieres Memorial Albert,  Somme 87600
Quesnoy Farm Military Cemetery Bucquoy,  Pas de Calais 65206
Ranville War Cemetery Ranville,  Calvados 2033500
Rebrechien Communal Cemetery Rebrechien,  Loiret 2094492
Rennes Eastern Communal Cemetery Rennes,  Ille-et Vilaine 2090370
Rocquigny-Equancourt Road British Cemetery Rocquigny,  Somme 2000081
Rue-des-Berceaux Military Cemetery Richebourg,  Pas-de-Calais 63001
Rue-Petillon Military Cemetery Fleurbaix,  Pas-de-Calais 30400
Sarralbe Military Cemetery Sarralbe,  Moselle 2096967
Savy British Cemetery St Quentin,  Aisne 63301
Serre Road Cemetery No 2 Serre Les Puisieux,  Somme 67200
St Charles De Percy War Cemetery St. Charles de Percy,  Calvados 2005000
St Hilaire Cemetery Frevent,  Pas de Calais 58800
St Inglevert Churchyard St. Inglevert,  Pas de Calais 2027523
St Sever Cemetery Rouen,  Seine-Maritime 16900
St Sever Cemetery Extension Rouen,  Seine-Maritime 2800
St Souplet British Cemetery Le Cateau,  Nord 33100
Templeux-le-Guerard British Cemetery Templeux,  Somme 35602
Terlincthun British Cemetery Wimille,  Pas de Calais 2027534
Thiepval Memorial Thiepval,  Somme 80800
Tincourt New British Cemetery Tincourt,  Somme 25100
Vermelles British Cemetery Vermelles,  Pas de Calais 2000089
Vimy Communal Cemetery Farbus Arras,  Pas de Calais 68403
Vimy Memorial Arras,  Pas de Calais 87900
Vis-en-Artois Memorial Vis-en-Artois,  Pas de Calais 79200
Wancourt British Cemetery Wancourt,  Pas de Calais 3300
Warloy-Baillon Communal Cemetery Warloy-Baillon,  Somme 7300
Wimereux Communal Cemetery Wimereux,  Pas de Calais 8200
Y-Ravine Cemetery Beaumont Hamel,  Somme 2076500
Zouave Valley Cemetery Souchez,  Pas de Calais 62202
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