Friends of the Somme - Mid Ulster Branch
No Pic Gr. Page Service No Rank Name Regiment / Service Battalion Date Of Death
1 Portrait Portrait 7881 Pte. Falls, Robert R Irish Fus 02nd Batt 26/08/1914
2 Portrait Portrait 11376 Pte. Steele, Thomas William R Irish Fus 01st Batt 16/09/1914
3 Portrait Portrait 7871 Pte. Nixon, William R Inn Fus 02nd Batt 26/08/1914
4 Portrait Portrait 3773 Pte. Stewart, Abraham R Inn Fus 02nd Batt 05/11/1914
5 Portrait 6686 Pte. Harvey, John R Inn Fus 01st Batt 05/06/1915
6 Portrait 2445 Pte. Taylor, Joseph R Inn Fus 01st Batt 05/05/1915
7 11113e Pte. Espey, James R Inn Fus 01st Batt 28/06/1915
8 Portrait 9958 Pte. Stewart, Joseph R Inn Fus 07th Batt 21/03/1918
9 Portrait Portrait 21890 Pte. McNicol M.M., Robert R Dub Fus 01st Batt 30/03/1918
Institute History
From the Mid Ulster Mail dated 2nd January 1915: Church Roll of Honour
Our second Church Roll of Honour - members of Derryloran Parish Church is a very creditable one. From the return sent to us by the Rector, it will be seen that four members of his charge have been killed in battle, half a dozen wounded or invalided, ten are at the front, and sixty-eight are with the colours in barracks or in camp in training.
Church Roll of Honour Members of the Church of Ireland from Derryloran Parish, Cookstown
2nd Battalion, Inniskilling Fusiliers:
bullet Robert Falls, Ardcumber (killed)
bullet Thomas Steele, Church Street (killed)
bullet William Nixon, Louisville (killed)
bullet Abraham Stewart, Louisville (killed)
bullet John Harvey, Union Street (wounded)
bullet John Harvey jnr, Coolreaghs (wounded)
bullet John Stirrup, Orritor (wounded)
bullet Charles Stevenson, Oldtown (wounded)
bullet Robert Taylor, Coagh Street (wounded)
bullet Dan McNichol, Killycurragh (at the front)
bullet Joseph Taylor, Coolreaghs (at the front)
bullet John Cheevers, Oldtown (at the front)
bullet James Greer, Rockhead (at the front)
Irish Guards
bullet James Rollins, Chapel Street (wounded)
bullet John Veitch (at the front)
Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC)
bullet Lieut Richard Charles, Loy Hill (at the front)
bullet Richard Hamilton, Chapel Street (at the front)
Derbyshire Regiment
bullet Thomas Wilson, Church Street (at the front)
Royal Irish Rifles:
bullet George Graham, Killymoon Street (at the front)
Royal Navy:
bullet Herbert Eakin, Louisville (at the front)
3rd Battalion Inniskillings (Reserves):
bullet James Davidson, Oldtown
bullet Joseph Burns, Church Street
bullet John McMenemy, Church Street
bullet James Espey, Church Street
bullet Robert Steele, Church Street
bullet Joseph Simpson, Oldtown
bullet William Neil, Oldtown
bullet Sam Curran, Oldtown
bullet James McGarvey, Church Street
bullet James Simpson, Oldtown
1st Battalion Inniskillings:
bullet Robert McNichol, Killycurragh
bullet Joseph Stewart, Killymoon Street
bullet George Stirrup, Killymoon Street
bullet William Lyttle, Ardcumber
bullet John Simpson, Oldtown
bullet James Dunne, Oldtown
bullet Thomas Glendinning, Blackhill
5th Battalion Inniskillings:
bullet William Long, Oldtown
bullet Joseph Neil, Oldtown
6th Battalion Inniskillings
bullet Captain S Crothers, The Priory, Tullyhogue
bullet James Cheevers, Oldtown
bullet William Newberry, Oldtown
bullet Robert Carson, Coagh Street
bullet Thomas Campbell, Ardcumber
bullet Joseph Rollins, Chapel Street
bullet Robert Fulton, Loughry
9th Battalion Inniskillings
bullet Joseph Espey, Oldtown
bullet Robert Millar, Oldtown
bullet James Smith, Oldtown
bullet William Riddall, Oldtown
bullet Thomas Taylor, Oldtown
bullet Wilson Gourley, Oldtown
bullet James Steenson, Oldtown
bullet Alexander McLernon, Oldtown
bullet William Crozier, William Street
bullet Nathaniel Thom, James Street
bullet Robert McPartland, Chapel Street
bullet John Burns, Chapel Street
bullet Samuel Morton, Church Street
bullet Adam Wilson, Church Street
bullet William Brown, Church Street
bullet William Hill, Molesworth Street
bullet James McLean, Molesworth Street
bullet H Anderson, Coagh Street
bullet William Moore, Blackhill
bullet William Campbell, Ardcumber
bullet Robert Blair, Toberlane
bullet John Storey, Killymoon Street
bullet William Storey, Ardcumber
bullet Hugh Storey, Ardcumber
bullet William Taylor, Toberlane
bullet Robert Lyttle, Ardcumber
bullet John Moffatt, Ballygroogan
11th Battalion Inniskillings
bullet George Magee, Toberlane
North Irish Horse:
bullet Samuel Long, Chapel Street
bullet John Hogg, Factory Square
bullet William James Millar, Oldtown
Royal Irish Rifles:
bullet Richard Hodgett, Oldtown
bullet Thomas Graham, Killymoon Street
bullet Edward McGeown, Killymoon Street
Irish Guards:
bullet William Campbell, Orritor Lane
Royal Navy:
bullet Thomas Simpson, Oldtown
bullet Samuel Smith, Oldtown
Canadian Contingent:
bullet Thomas Taylor, Coagh Street
South African Forces:
bullet Henry McCullagh, Chapel Street
bullet Henry Crossett, Chapel Street
bullet John Wilson, Chapel Street
Town :
Latitude : 54.636695
Lontitude : -6.742450
Church Street, Cookstown

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