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01/05/2020 02293
03/12/2017 The CWGC record Rifleman Charles Symington as the brother of Mrs Margaret Hughes, of 55 Rockville Street, Belfast.
03/12/2017 Rifleman Symington has no known grave and is commemorated on the Helles Memorial in Turkey.
03/12/2017 Rifleman Charles Symington was serving with the 6th Battalion of the Royal Irish Rifles when he was killed in action at Gallipoli on Wednesday 11th August 1915.
03/12/2017 Charles Symington enlisted in Belfast where he was living.
03/12/2017 All the siblings were born in Cookstown apart from Joseph who was born in Dungannon in 1881 and John, who was born in Belfast in 1884.
03/12/2017 Possible Family: Mary Symington (born 10th December 1867), Margaret Symington (born 30th December 1869), Isabella Symington (born 27th May 1871), Alexander Symington (born 15th November 1872), Sarah Symington (born 7th August 1874), William Symington (born 19th April 1876), Charles Symington (born 3rd January 1879), Joseph Symington (born 5th May 1881), John Symington (born 9th August 1884).
03/12/2017 His motherís maiden name seems to have been Purvis.
03/12/2017 Charles Symington was born in Cookstown on 3rd January 1879.
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