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12/09/2020 But I will remember you, no matter how long.’
12/09/2020 Some will forget you, now you are gone,
12/09/2020 Without farewell you left us all;
12/09/2020 ‘A day of remembrance sad to recall,
12/09/2020 HENRY – In loving memory of my dear uncle, Isaac, who was killed in action on 16th April 1943.
12/09/2020 From the Mid Ulster Mail dated Saturday 21st April 1945: Roll of Honour
12/09/2020 Ever remembered by his loving niece, Agnes Donnelly. Rock, Dungannon.
25/08/2019 The CWGC record Fusilier Isaac Henry as the son of Robert and Annie Henry of Cookstown, County Tyrone. He is also records as the husband of Margaret Henry of Cookstown.
25/08/2019 Isaac Henry was born on 5th July 1910 at Magheraglass, Cookstown. He was one of at least nine children.
25/08/2019 Known family: Robert Henry, Annie Henry, John Henry (born 24th August 1897), Mary Jane Henry (born 12th November 1899), Archibald Henry (born 7th November 1900), Annie Henry (born 17th November 1901), Robert A Henry (born 8th January 1905), Thomas G Henry (born 18th November 1907), Isaac Henry (born 5th July 1910), Arthur Henry (born 4th September 1914), Eliza Henry (born 3rd August 1917).
25/08/2019 Prior to joining the army he was a steel erector. He went to live in Coventry with his wife, Margaret.
25/08/2019 Isaac Henry was conscripted in 1940.
25/08/2019 The 1st Battalion of the Royal Irish Fusiliers were part of the 38th (Irish Brigade) who fought in North Africa.
25/08/2019 On 15th-16th April 1943, his battalion was tasked with capturing the Djebelang, one at a series of barren rocky hills north of Medjez in Tunisia. Whilst the Battalion made good progress in capturing what was a hill fortress subsequent artillery fire and mortaring and sniping killed two officers and three other ranks. It is believed Fusilier Isaac Henry was one of these casualties.
25/08/2019 Fusilier Isaac Henry was serving with the 1st Battalion of the Royal Irish Fusiliers when he was killed in action on 16th April 1943. He was 32 years old.
25/08/2019 Isaac Henry was the son of Robert Henry and Anne Henry. Robert Henry and Annie McGaughey were married on 5th June 1897 in the district of Cookstown.
25/08/2019 Fusilier Isaac Henry is commemorated locally on Cookstown Cenotaph and at Kildress Parish Church.
25/08/2019 Fusilier Isaac Henry is buried at Medjez-El-Bab War Cemetery in Tunisia. The inscription reads ‘HE DIED THAT WE MIGHT LIVE. SADLY MISSED BY WIFE AND FAMILY, COOKSTOWN. N. I.’
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