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28/11/2020 The funeral arrangements were in the hands of Messrs W Macdonald Porter and Sons, undertakers, Cookstown.
28/11/2020 In ever loving memory of dear Allan from Bertie and Hazel. ‘Greater love hath no man than this.’
28/11/2020 In loving memory from Aunt Susan and Uncle Joe. ‘He died that we may live.’
28/11/2020 In ever loving memory of dear Allan from Aunt Martha, Uncle Fred and Winnie
28/11/2020 In dearest love of Allan from Uncle Willie, Aunt Florrie, Mavis, Lorna, Allen and Harold
28/11/2020 ‘We were all deeply moved by the sad news which reached us on Thursday night of the death of Petty Officer Airman Allan Millar Cameron Bayne, as the result of a flying accident. To the young people of the church and neighbourhood he was well-known and by them much loved. He was known to many of us as Allan, a young man full of life, with a bright future opening out before him. He was cheerful, kindly and affectionate; a fine type of young manhood, and an example to his fellow companions in life. When on leave he was always present in God’s House and worshipped with us in this place. For a considerable time he had been on the Ark Royal, and during his stay on that famous vessel had passed safely and courageously through many trying experiences. The he felt called to another sphere of national service, and here he was serving his country when he was suddenly and tragically called to the highest of all service. His was the greater love that leads a man out to the service of his fellow men and to the defence of all that is good in the world. We therefore salute today a gallant lad, whose work shall have a great reward, for he gave all, even his own life. We do not think of him as dead, nor of his service as ended. We believe that he lives free from this world’s tragedy and sin, and that he also serves in happier surrounding than we could ever dream of completing the task God gave him on earth. We deeply mourn his passing, and pray God that he may make us all worthy of the sacrifices these young men make for us. To all his loved ones, to Dr Cousley and Mrs Cousley and friends, we extend our deepest sympathy and pray that in the Gospel of the Risen Christ they may seek the light that shines in our darkness.’
28/11/2020 With fondest love from mother, Jim, John and Desmond
28/11/2020 For Allan from Bayna
28/11/2020 Divine service at the house of mourning and at the graveside were conducted by the Rev H C Conn, B.A., of Moneymore, assisted by the Rev W J McGeagh, B.A., of Larne (cousin of the deceased).
28/11/2020 The remains were brought home from the place of the accident to the resident of Dr Cousley in Moneymore, from whence the funeral took place on Monday amid manifestations of sorrow by the whole community. Both in Moneymore and in Cookstown blinds were drawn as the cortege passed on its way to the cemetery. The number of relatives of the family is so numerous that it is impossible to give anything like a complete list.
28/11/2020 There was widespread and sincere regret at the news of the death of this gallant young officer as the result of a flying accident as announced in last week’s issue. The deceased was the eldest son of the late Mr William Bayne and grandson of the late Mr John Bayne, both of whom lived at Tamlaghtmore, adjacent to Cookstown, and were well-known and highly respected. Allan, as the deceased was generally called, was a pupil of the Burn Road School and later of Cookstown High School, and was popular with all his schoolmates, who mourn his passing so soon. Only 23 years of age, he joined the Fleet Air Arm six years ago, before his mother and two younger brothers had left Ireland to go to New Zealand, and he generally spent his leave with his aunt, Mrs Cousley, of Moneymore, and was looking forward to getting his commission about Easter. His early death is a great blow to his many relatives, and the deepest sympathy of the community goes out to them, and especially to his mother, at the farthest end of the earth.
28/11/2020 From the Mid Ulster Mail dated 27th February 1943: Obituary – Petty Officer Airman A M C Bayne
28/11/2020 Allan Bayne was the eldest son of William James and Selina Bayne. William James Bayne and Selina Hogg were married on 4th September 1918 in the district of Cookstown.
28/11/2020 He was based at H.M.S. Condor, a Royal Naval Air Station at Arbroath in Scotland. It was reported that he was looking forward to getting his commission about Easter 1943.
28/11/2020 Pulpit Tribute
28/11/2020 Allan’s father, William James Bayne, died on 29th October 1930. Allan was 11 years old.
28/11/2020 The CWGC record Petty Officer Airman Alan Millar Cameron Bayne as the son of William James Bayne and Selina Bayne. The CWGC lists his mother as living in Tinwald, Canterbury, New Zealand.
28/11/2020 Flying ceased from the HMS Condor base in 1954. It was later taken over in 1971 and renamed R.M. Condor Barracks, the base for 45 Commando, Royal Marines.
28/11/2020 Wreathes were placed on the graves as follows:
28/11/2020 Family: William James Bayne, Selina Bayne, Allan Millar Cameron Bayne (born 16th September 1919), John Bayne, William Desmond Bayne (born 4th July 1927, Cookstown).
28/11/2020 When he had leave, he generally spent his leave with his aunt, Mrs Cousley, of Moneymore.
28/11/2020 A significant amount of his time with the Navy was spent of board HMS Ark Royal.
28/11/2020 At some stage, after 1937, his mother and two younger brothers left Ireland to go and live in New Zealand.
28/11/2020 Allan Bayne served with the Royal Navy as part of Fleet Air Arm which was formed in 1937. He joined around the time of its formation.
28/11/2020 Allan Bayne was a pupil of the Burn Road School and laterally attended Cookstown High School.
28/11/2020 Both his father and grandfather lived in Tamlaghtmore, between Coagh and Stewartstown.
28/11/2020 At the morning service in First Moneymore Presbyterian Church on Sunday, Rev H C Conn, B.A., made the following reference to the deceased:-
28/11/2020 Petty Officer Airman Allan Bayne is commemorated on the World War Two Panel on Cookstown Cenotaph.
09/06/2019 Allan Millar Cameron Bayne was born on 16th September 1919. It seems he was born in the Moneymore area.
09/06/2019 Petty Officer Airman Allan Bayne was part of 754 Squadron. In February 1943 he was part of a crew of three flying as an Albacorn aircraft as an observer. The crew on that day were Allan Bayne, William Ravey and R A Sinstadt.
09/06/2019 Their plane crashed on the Hill of Formal, near Edzell in Angus, Scotland. Both Ravey and Bayne are recorded as losing their lives that day.
30/12/2015 Allan Bayne died while in service on 17th February 1943, aged 23. No details of his death are available.
30/12/2015 BAYNE, Allen M C, Act/Petty Officer Airman, FAA/FX 76845, killed
30/12/2015 FAA, 754 Sqn, Condor, air crash
30/12/2015 According to the Naval History website (see below) -
30/12/2015 Petty Officer Airman Allan Bayne remains were brought home and he is buried in Cookstown Cemetery. The inscription on his headstone reads ‘UNTIL THE DAY BREAK AND THE SHADOWS FLEE AWAY’
30/12/2015 RAVEY, William, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed
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