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Date Information
19/01/2019 Known family: Patrick Tyre, Elizabeth Tyre, Patrick Tyre (born about 1921).
19/01/2019 The CWGC records Able Seaman Patrick Joseph Tyre as the son of Patrick and Elizabeth Tyre of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
19/01/2019 Able Seaman Tyre is also commemorated on Cookstown War Memorial.
19/01/2019 Able Seaman Patrick Tyre is commemorated on Plymouth Naval Memorial.
19/01/2019 Able Seaman Patrick Tyre was lost at sea on 2nd March 1942. He was 21 years old.
19/01/2019 On 2nd March 1942 a Japanese task group consisting of the heavy cruiser Maya and the destroyers Arashi and Nowaki discovered and sank HMS Stronghold as she tried to escape the south of Java for the safer waters of Northern Australia. Maya later took on board 50 survivors from HMS Stronghold.
19/01/2019 Able Seaman Tyre served with the Royal Navy in World War Two on board H.M.S. Stronghold.
19/01/2019 It seems the family lived in Cookstown for a time.
19/01/2019 Patrick Tyre was the son of Patrick & Elizabeth Tyre. He was born about 1921.
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