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19/01/2019 Arthur Waterson is also commemorated on the memorial on the vestry door in Groomsport Church of Ireland in Groomsport, Bangor.
19/01/2019 Arthur Hill Coates Waterson was born on 13th May 1903 in the Bangor area, probably in Groomsport. He was the eldest of four children.
19/01/2019 Proposed family: Robert Waterson, Annie Waterson, Arthur Hill Coates Waterson (born 13th May 1903), Fanny Waterson (born 22nd October 1907), John Waterson (born 1st December 1911). Ellen Waterson (born 9th November 1912).
19/01/2019 The 1911 census lists Arthur H C as age 7, living with the family at house 78 in Groomsport, Bangor, County Down. His father was a fisherman.
19/01/2019 Arthur was the husband of Eileen Waterson. They lived in the Bangor area.
19/01/2019 Arthur Hill Coates Waterson was with the Merchant Navy in World War Two, serving as Master on board the ship SS Atheltemplar.
19/01/2019 In March 1941, the SS Atheltemplar, as a Vice-Commodore ship, was leading the Starboard Column of the outward bound convoy EN79. EN79 departed from Methil at 0630hrs on 1st March 1941 bound for Buenos Aires. EN79 met the inbound convoy WN91 of the Aberdeenshire coast.
19/01/2019 Whilst air cover had been provided by three Hurricane fighters during the daylight hours, this was withdrawn at last light. The Luftwaffe had charted the progress of both convoys during daylight hours and forty five minutes after sunset, convoy EN79 was attacked by three Heinkel III German Bombers. Their bombs hit the Atheltemplar destroying the Navigation Bridge and bridge deck house causing an immediate devastating fire.
19/01/2019 Arthur Waterson was the eldest son of Robert and Annie Waterson Robert Waterson and Annie Graham were married on 15th October 1901 in the district of North Down.
19/01/2019 Master Arthur Hill Coates Waterson has no known grave and is commemorated in Tower Hill Memorial, London.
19/01/2019 The CWGC record Master Arthur Hill Coates Waterson as the son of Robert and Annie Waterson. He is also recorded as the husband of Eileen Waterson of Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland.
19/01/2019 As far as is known, Arthur Waterson’s only connection with Cookstown was that he was a cousin of Arthur Killips of 78 Chapel Street, Cookstown.
19/01/2019 There is a drinking fountain located at the Sunken Gardens in Bangor, which was erected by members of the Bangor Corinthians Sailing Club in memory of Mrs. Arthur Hill Coates.
19/01/2019 Master Arthur Hill Coates Waterson was killed in action on 1st March 1941.
19/01/2019 Arthur Waterson is also commemorated on Groomsport War Memorial.
19/01/2019 Captain Waterson and ten crew members were lost. The fires on board the Atheltemplar were eventually brought under control and she was taken under tow to the Tyne for major repairs.
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