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18/12/2020 And whispers in the silence, ‘Death cannot divide.’
18/12/2020 Unknown to the world, he stands by our side
18/12/2020 No tears of ours can fall on his grave
18/12/2020 ‘Over there he sleeps with the brave
18/12/2020 SLAINE – Fusilier W Slaine, Royal Irish Fusiliers, wounded at Dunkirk, now presumed dead.
18/12/2020 From the Mid Ulster Mail dated 14th August 1943: Roll of Honour
18/12/2020 Ever remembered by his sorrowing sister (in law) and brother in law, Peggy and Hugh Nixon and family. Sherrygroom, Newmills, Dungannon.
10/12/2020 From the Mid Ulster Mail dated 12th June 1943: Orritor Soldier Presumed Dead
10/12/2020 From the Mid Ulster Mail dated 12th June 1943: Roll of Honour
10/12/2020 SLAINE - 23rd May 1940, wounded, now presumed dead, Fusilier W Slaine, Royal Irish Fusiliers, beloved husband of Annie Slaine, New Cottages, Orritor. Deeply regretted by his wife and two children.
10/12/2020 Mrs Slaine, of the New Cottages, Orritor, Cookstown, has been informed by the War Office that her husband, Royal Irish Fusiliers, who has been missing since 23rd May 1940, is presumed to have died of wounds.
10/12/2020 ‘It seems so grievous that you should have this sad news after long anxiety, and we beg you will accept the very deep sympathy of all in this department in your sorrow. I am indeed sorry that, at the moment, we have no further information. As you know, we sent an enquiry regarding your husband to Fusilier McPartland, who is now a prisoner of war in Germany, but I am sorry to say he is unable to give us any details. Later on, when the war is over, we hope to be able to obtain the particulars which you must wish to know, and after the war too, it will be possible for the International Red Cross to return to England any personal effects which may have been found belonging tour soldiers. We do know that the French and Belgian Red Cross are tending the graves of our fallen soldiers with the greatest care, keeping flowers on them wherever possible and I hope so much that this knowledge may be some little comfort to you.’
10/12/2020 In addition to the above, Mrs Slaine has received from the King at Buckingham Palace the following card:-
10/12/2020 ‘The Queen and I offer you our heartfelt sympathy in your great sorrow. We pray that your country’s gratitude for a life so nobly given in its service may bring you some measure of consolation. GEORGE R I’
10/12/2020 The Dowager Lady Amphill, C.L., Chairman of the British Red Cross, in a letter dated 3rd June, writes:-
23/09/2019 Fusilier William Slaine has no known grave and is commemorated on Column 129 on the Dunkirk Memorial.
23/09/2019 William Slaine was the eldest son of William and Elizabeth Slaine. William Slaine and Elizabeth Wilson were married on 27th November 1900 in the district of Cookstown.
23/09/2019 The 1901 census lists William's parents at house 13 in Corkill, Orritor, County Tyrone. His father was a linen beetler.
23/09/2019 William Slaine was born on 5th November 1904. He was the second of at least eight children, all born in the Cookstown area.
23/09/2019 Known family: William Slaine, Elizabeth Slaine, Kathleen Slaine (born 18th September 1901), Elizabeth Slaine (born 20th November 1902), William Slaine (born 5th November 1904), James Slaine (born 29th March 1906), Joseph Slaine (born 2nd January 1908, died 14th January 1908), Margaret Slaine (born 3rd March 1909), Lucinda Slaine (born 31st August 1913), Joseph Slaine (born 2nd July 1915).
23/09/2019 The 1911 census lists William as age 6, living with the family at house 19 in Derrinleagh, Orritor, County Tyrone. His father was a linen finisher and his mother was a seamstress.
23/09/2019 William Slaine went on to become the husband of Annie Slaine. They had two children, William and Elizabeth.
23/09/2019 William Slaine served with the 1st Battalion of the Royal Irish Fusiliers in world War Two.
23/09/2019 Fusilier Slaine was part of a reserved demolition guard defending the La Bassée Canal, near Bethune over which friendly forces were retiring. The Royal Engineers blew the bridge as German groups attempted to storm it. This action resulted in significant loss of lives on both sides including that of Fusilier Slaine.
23/09/2019 William Slaine is commemorated locally on Cookstown War Memorial.
23/09/2019 The CWGC record Fusilier William Slaine as the son of William and Elizabeth Slaine. He is also recorded as the husband of Annie Slaine of Cookstown, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
23/09/2019 Fusilier William Slaine was involved in the Dunkirk evacuation when he was killed in action on 23rd May 1940. He was 35 years old.
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