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09/04/2021 Probate appears to have not been completed until 1935 in Middlesex, to Kate Frances Gunning. This is about 17 years after Captain Edward Gunning death. It is suggested that the delay may possibly have been due to legal issues.
09/04/2021 Edward was born on 25th June 1890 in Belfast.
09/04/2021 Many thanks to Sandra Gilpin for adding further details in April 2021.
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29/10/2017 Captain Edward Gunning is buried in Les Baraques Cemetery, Sangatte, Calais, France.
29/10/2017 The 1901 census does not list Edward as living with the family at 3 in Nottinghill Street, Belfast. His father was a linen merchant.
29/10/2017 The Gazette, dated 25th June 1909, reports that Edward George Francis Gunning was promoted to Second Lieutenant on 25th February 1909.
29/10/2017 The Gazette, dated 2nd September 1910, reports that the undermentioned Gentlemen Cadets from The Royal Military College to be Second Lieutenants. Edward George Francis Gunning, Irish Guards, promoted.
29/10/2017 The Gazette, dated 24th September 1914, reports that Edward George Francis Gunning was Second Lieutenants with the Royal Regiment Op Artillery.
29/10/2017 Edward George Francis Gunning was the son of Francis Porter Gunning, J.P., and Kate Francis Gunning.
29/10/2017 Captain Edward Gunning is thought to have died as the result of an accident.
29/10/2017 In April 1915, No 6 Base Supply Depot was started at Calais to help relieve the pressure on Boulogne and to provide a base nearer to the front than Le Harve or Rouen. The base remained open until the last of the Commonwealth Forces left France in March 1921. The 30th, 35th, and 38th General Hospitals, No 9 British Red Cross Hospital and No 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital were based in the town, providing about 2,500 beds. For three years, Commonwealth burials were made in Calais Southern Cemetery, but it became necessary to start a new site at Le Baraques and the first burials took place here in September 1917. It was in continued use until 1921 and now contains 1,303 Commonwealth burials from the First World War, together with 250 other nationals, most of them German.
29/10/2017 The CWGC record Captain Edward George Francis Gunning as the son of Kate Francis Gunning, of 11B, Cromwell Place, South Kensington, London. He is also recorded as the son of the late Francis Porter Gunning, J.P., of Cookstown, County. Tyrone. He was previously a Lieutenant in the Irish Guards.
29/10/2017 Temporary Captain Edward George Francis Gunning was serving with the Royal Field Artillery, attached to the Royal Army Ordnance Corps (R.A.O.P), when died on 10th June 1919, aged 29.
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