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14/10/2017 The CWGC record Private Henry Cobain as the son of Joseph and Sarah Cobain. He is recorded as being born in County Tyrone.
14/10/2017 Private Henry Cobain is buried in Peronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt, France.
14/10/2017 The 6th East Kent’s were given the objective of taking the east edge of Trones Wood, east of the town of Albert. Captain L. P. Figgis and ten men were killed in the action that day, including Henry Cobain.
14/10/2017 Private Henry Cobain was serving with the 6th Battalion of the East Kent Regiment when he was killed in action on the 27th August 1918.
14/10/2017 During World War 1, the village of Maricourt was close to the front lines, at a point of junction between British and French Forces. The village fell into German hands during the great advance of March 1918 but was recaptured at the end of August.
14/10/2017 At the Battle of Albert, (first phase, second Battles of the Somme1918), 37 Brigade, including the 6th East Kents took up the attack on the 9th August 1918 and by the next day they had advanced almost two miles. After a brief rest, the Division attacked again on 22nd August, pushing right across the wilderness of the old Somme Battlefields, capturing Meault, Mametz, Carnoy, Hardecourt and Faviere Wood, which it reached after a week’s, continuous fighting. The Division had made another advance of 15,000 yards.
14/10/2017 In World War 1, the 6th Battalion East Kent Regiment (the Buffs) seen service and action at Loos, Somme, Albert, Pozieres, Le Transloy, Ancre, Arras, Cambrai, St. Quentin, Amiens, The Hindenburg Line 1918, Epehey and St. Quentin Canal
14/10/2017 The East Kent Regiment, known as The Buffs, obtained the name when they were the 3rd Regiment of Foot in 1743 while on campaign in Holland and the Low Countries. The name refers to the ‘buff coats’- armour made of soft leather that the regiment was issued with. Regiments at that time were often called after the Colonel’s commanding them and as 3rd Regiment and 19th Regiment of Foot were both commanded by Thomas Howard and Charles Howard respectively, the regiments became known as Howard’s Regiment of Foot. To avoid any confusion the Regiments took the colours of their facings as part of their names, so the 19th Regiment of Foot became known as the ‘Green Howards’ and the 3rd Regiment became known as Howard’s Buffs, this was eventually shortened to The Buffs.
14/10/2017 He subsequently transferred to the 6th Battalion East Kent Regiment, the Buffs.
14/10/2017 Henry Cobain was working in the north of England when he enlisted at Chopwell, County Durham, joining the 9th Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry. (No 3114)
14/10/2017 The 1901 census lists Henry as age 13 living with the family at house 9 in Gortindarragh, Pomeroy, County Tyrone. Henry was still at school his father was a builder.
14/10/2017 Known family: Joseph Cobain, Sarah Cobain, Eliza Cobain (born about 1871), Thomas Cobain (born about 1878), Joseph Cobain (born about 1883), Henry Cobain (born about 1888).
14/10/2017 Henry (Harry) Cobain was the son of Joseph and Sarah Cobain. Henry Cobain was born about 1889 in Tyrone, probably in the Pomeroy area.
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