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16/01/2019 From the Mid Ulster Mail dated 4th May 1918:
16/01/2019 Mr James Cheevers, Millburn Street, Cookstown, has been officially notified that his son, Private Thomas Cheevers, is missing since 23rd April. An officer writing to one of his brothers says it can only be hoped that he is a prisoner. His brother, John, has written to his parents that he was wounded two weeks ago and is in a base hospital. A third member of the family, James, has been discharged, incapacitated owing to wounds and shell shock.
16/01/2019 Two other brothers served in the war. John Cheevers was wounded in 1918, around the same time Thomas was killed. James Cheevers was incapacitated due to wounds and shell shock and was discharged.
16/01/2019 From the Mid Ulster Mail dated 4th May 1918: Private John Cheevers (brother of Thomas Cheevers)
16/01/2019 Private John Cheevers, 2nd Inniskillings, whose parents live in Millburn Street, Cookstown, has been home for a week, after sixteen months in France. He returned to the fighting line on Wednesday. He has been in many engagements and escaped serious injury. Once he was wounded in the leg, but after applying his field dressing he went on with the fight. He met the Prussian Guards in more than one bayonet encounter. He says they are fine big men and fought bravely, but met their match when they met Irish troops with the steel. Private Cheevers was in good health and spirits and went back to duty cheerfully.
06/07/2017 The 1911 census lists Thomas as age 19, living with the family at house 33 in Millburn Street, Cookstown. Thomas and two of his brothers were labourers. His father was a sawer.
06/07/2017 Private Thomas Cheevers was wounded in the retreat from St. Quentin during the German Spring Offensive of March 1918.
06/07/2017 The 1901 census lists Thomas as age 7, living with the family at house 32 in Millburn Street, Cookstown. His father was a labourer.
06/07/2017 Family: James Cheevers, Margaret Cheevers, John Cheevers (born 5th December 1886), James Cheevers (born 31st October 1888), Richard Cheevers (born 22nd December 1890), Thomas Cheevers (born 20th May 1893), Elizabeth Cheevers (born 5th March 1896), Hugh Cheevers (born 10th December 1898), Frances Cheevers (born 29th October 1902) , William Cheevers (born 17th August 1906).
06/07/2017 Thomas Cheevers was working in Scotland at the outbreak of the First World War and enlisted in Glasgow in early 1917 and returned home for training.
06/07/2017 Private Cheevers joined his battalion at the front as a battle casualty replacement in late 1917.
06/07/2017 Thomas Cheevers was born in Cookstown on 20th May 1893. He was one of at least eight children, all born in Cookstown.
06/07/2017 Private Thomas Cheevers was serving with the 9th Battalion of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers when he died of his wounds on Tuesday 26th March 1918
06/07/2017 Private Cheevers is buried in Noyon New British Cemetery, France.
06/07/2017 Private Thomas Cheevers is commemorated on Cookstown Cenotaph and St. Luranís Church of Ireland, Roll of Honour, Derryloran, Cookstown.
06/07/2017 Thomas Cheevers was the son of James and Margaret Cheevers. James Cheevers married Margaret Cheevers on 29th January 1886 in the district of Cookstown.
06/07/2017 The CWGC record Private Thomas Cheevers as the son of James and Margaret Cheevers of Millburn Street, Cookstown, County Tyrone.
06/07/2017 The Scottish Evening Times Roll of Honour 1918-19 does not list Thomas Cheevers, nor does the WW1 Glasgow Roll of Honour.
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