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09/11/2018 The CWGC record Private Charles Mulholland as the son of Margaret and the late R Mulholland, of Mackney, Cookstown
09/11/2018 The chief mourners at his funeral were his father, Robert, his brothers Richard, Albert, Thomas and George. In addition to these brothers at home his brother William James lived in South Africa, his brothers Robert and John in Canada and Joseph and Samuel in the United States.
09/11/2018 When war was declared in 1914 he was sent to France arriving in December. He was attached to the Army Cyclist Corps for a considerable time, Service No. 5780.
09/11/2018 When his apprenticeship was almost complete he decided to enlist in the Army, joining the Royal Irish Fusiliers, Service No. 10692.
30/12/2015 Erected by Richard Mulholland (Mackney)
30/12/2015 MULHOLLAND – July 28, at the 2nd Western General Hospital, Manchester, Private Charles Mulholland, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, fifth son of Robert Mulholland, Mackney, Cookstown. Interred in the family burying ground, Kildress, on Wednesday 2 August.
30/12/2015 From the Mid Ulster Mail dated Saturday 5th August 1916:
30/12/2015 Mary E (Lizzie) (died 28 Feb 1991)
30/12/2015 and his wife
30/12/2015 also the above Richard (died 29 July 1979)
30/12/2015 Mary (died 31 Aug 1968)
30/12/2015 And his sister
30/12/2015 Margaret Mulholland (died 28 July 1935)
30/12/2015 In memory of his parents
30/12/2015 From the Mid Ulster Mail dated Saturday 5th August 1916: Private Charles Mulholland
30/12/2015 On his brother's gravestone (within same plot) :
30/12/2015 Private Charles Mulholland is commemorated on Cookstown Cenotaph.
30/12/2015 Kildress Church of Ireland Old Churchyard is about one and a half kilometres east of the present church. It contains the ruins of the former church burnt in 1641, restored in 1698 and used until 1818.
30/12/2015 Charles Mulholland was born on born 12th January 1893 in Mackney, Orritor, Cookstown. He was the fifth son of Robert and Margaret.
30/12/2015 The exact details of Robert Mulholland and Margaret McClane’s marriage are unknown, but a Robert Mulholland married a Sarah McClane in the Cookstown area on the 26th August 1880.
30/12/2015 Robert A Mulholland (died 4 July 1918)
30/12/2015 Rev R Hyndman M.A., conducted impressive services in the house and at the graveside. The coffin bore the inscription ‘Private Charles Mulholland. Died 28th July 1916’
30/12/2015 Private Charles Mulholland’s remains were returned home to the family burying ground at Kildress on Wednesday 2nd August 1916
30/12/2015 Private Charles Mulholland’s condition worsened and on 28th July 1916, he died at the 2nd Western General Hospital, Manchester. He was 21 years old.
30/12/2015 Private Mulholland was promptly sent to England where he was carefully nursed and it was hoped his life would be prolonged. While in hospital in Manchester his brothers went over to see him twice, and on the last occasion he told them he expected to be home in a couple of weeks.
30/12/2015 Private Charles Mulholland was serving with the 5th Battalion of the Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry in July 1916 when he contracted pericarditis.
30/12/2015 After a spell on home service, he went out to India with his battalion.
30/12/2015 Charles Mulholland was a member of Orritor L.O.L. No. 686.
30/12/2015 By the time of the 1911 census Charles was living with the Stewart family in Cookstown. He was 17 years old and serving his time in the grocery and provisions business with Mr Joseph Stewart who had a shop in James Street in Cookstown.
30/12/2015 The 1901 census lists Charles as age 8, living with the family at house 8 in Mackney, Orritor, Cookstown. His father was a farmer.
30/12/2015 From the Mid Ulster Mail dated Saturday 5th August 1916:
30/12/2015 ‘In affectionate remembrance, from Mrs Joseph Forde’
30/12/2015 ‘With kind sympathy, from Miss Sadie McGeagh’
30/12/2015 ‘With deepest sympathy, from Mr John Bayne’
30/12/2015 ‘In loving remembrance of Bro. Charles H Mulholland, from the officers and members of Orritor L.O.L. 686’
30/12/2015 ‘In loving memory of our dearest Charlie, from sorrowing parents, brothers and sisters’
30/12/2015 On Saturday last Mr Robert Mulholland, Mackney, Cookstown, received official intimation that his son, Charles, had died from pericarditis in the 2nd Western General Hospital, Manchester, on the previous evening. The deceased served his time to the grocery and provision business with Mr Joseph Stewart, Cookstown, and when his apprenticeship was almost completed, he decided to enlist in the army and joined the Royal Irish Fusiliers. After some time at home he went out to India and when war was declared he returned home and went to France in December 1914, and had been through the campaign since without receiving a single scratch and was attached to the Cycling Corps for a considerable time. He was in his usual good form up to the great advance on 1st July when he contracted the illness. He was promptly sent to England, where he was carefully nursed, and it was hoped that his life would be prolonged. While in hospital in Manchester, his brothers went over to see him twice, and on the last occasion he told them he expected to be home in a couple of weeks or so. On Tuesday his remains arrived in Cookstown and were taken to his old home, and on Wednesday were removed for internment in the family burying ground, Kildress Churchyard. Much sympathy is felt with the sorrowing parents and relatives in their great loss as the deceased was very popular with all who knew him. In addition to brothers at the funeral, there are William James in South Africa, Robert and John in Canada, and Joseph and Samuel in the United States. Wreaths were sent :-
30/12/2015 The chief mourners were Robert Mulholland (father), Richard Mulholland, Albert Mulholland, Thomas Mulholland and George Mulholland (brothers), T McClean, Dougle Marshall, James Marshall, Orr Fullerton, John McKitterick, Robert H Mulholland, James Mulholland, Robert Fullerton (cousins). Amongst those present were Rev R Hyndman B.A., Rev J Entrican B.A., Messrs William Leeper J.P.; D H Charles, solicitor; W J Lavery, David Blair, William McCutcheon, James Black, Fred Greer, Dawson McAllister, David Eagleson, R Brown, Alex Harkness, S Lyons, G Mabin, James Little, Silas Crawford, John Devlin, Daniel Mooney, J Bayne, Joseph Nobbs, Robert W Bole, Hugh Browne, S Harkness, James Wilson, T Courtney, R Thom, H Johnstone, John Kelly, J McQueen, Robert Hayes, William Glenn, W J Loughran, James Bole, James McKeown, John Bayne, R J Reid, Robinson Black, William Black, T McQueen, Robert Eagleson, H McGeagh, R McGeagh, J Eagleson, G Fearson, T Cobain, J Blackstock, Alex Magee, Andrew Hopper, Alex Thompson, W Murphy, R Wylie, W Brown, James R Steele, W Huey, R Eccles, T Eccles, J McGeagh, John Anderson, George Faulkner, William H Black, Joseph Wilkinson, John Carson. The hearse was supplied by Mr James McGuckin, undertaker, Cookstown.
30/12/2015 Charles Hamilton Mulholland was the son of Robert and Margaret Mulholland.
30/12/2015 The Mulholland family was considerable. Robert Mulholland, Margaret Mulholland, William James Mulholland, Robert A Mulholland (born 25th April 1887), Joseph Mulholland (born 27th December 1888), John Mulholland (born 7th February 1891), Charles Hamilton Mulholland (born 12th January 1893), Richard Mulholland (born 4th August 1894), Samuel Mulholland (born 11th July 1896), Albert / Robert Mulholland (born 13th May 1899), Mary Mulholland (born 28th June 1900), George Mulholland (born 29th May 1902), Thomas Mulholland (born 22nd November 1904), Margaret Mulholland (born 18th December 1906).
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