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   Civilian Patricia Wylie
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Dated added: 14/07/2020   Last updated: 06/09/2020
Personal Details
Regiment/Service: Civilian Casualty (Unknown Civilian)
Died: 25/09/1944 (Home)
Age: 7
Patricia Wylie was the daughter of Patrick and Mary Wylie. She was born about 1937, one of four children. The Wylies were a farming family that lived in Killycolpy village, midway between Stewartstown and Ardboe. On 25th September 1944, seven year old Patricia Wylie was raped and killed near her home by a U.S. serviceman stationed at Cluntoe Airfield in Ardboe, County Tyrone.
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Cemetery Details
Cemetery: St Patrick’s Church Mullinahoe
  Ardboe, Tyrone, 
Grave Ref:
CWGC Casualty -1
Patricia Wylie, a seven year old child was buried here
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