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   Fireman Brice Harkness
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Dated added: 30/12/2015   Last updated: 14/08/2017
Personal Details
Regiment/Service: Auxiliary Fire Service (British Civilian)
Date Of Birth: 09/01/1916
Died: 07/04/1941 (Killed in Action)
Age: 25
Brice Harkness was the son of Thomas and Margaret Harkness. Brice was born on 9th January 1915 in Lismoney, Cookstown. It is believed he was the youngest of at least six children. Brice lived in Belfast and served with the Auxiliary Fire Service during the Second World War He was on duty in Belfast on the night of the 7/8th April 1941 when the German Luftwaffe attacked Belfast for the first time. One of the largest fires on the night was at the McCue Dick Timber Yard in Duncrue Street and it was here he and another man were killed when a parachute mine exploded.
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Cemetery Details
Cemetery: Cookstown New Cemetery
  Cookstown, Co Tyrone, 6
Grave Ref: Back wall
CWGC Casualty 3162939
Cookstown New Cemetery is situated at the junction of Cemetery Road and Westland Road South, Cookstown. Cookstown New Cemetery is also known as Westland Rd Cemetery and Forthill Cemetery.
Local Memorial Details

No Memorial Name Townland
1 Molesworth St Presbyterian Church WWII Cookstown
Local Institute / Local Book Details

No Name Page
1 Cookstown War Dead Book WW2 324
References and Links
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