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01 Sep 2011 Thre maps section has been replace by a section called forces. You can choose a service/force (eg Air Force, Navy) and/or a country. EG British Navy
01 Sep 2011 Maps section is no more. Maps are now accessible by choosing a country in the cemetery section.
29 Aug 2011 Some 400 documents (acrobat pdfs ) added to Casualty references. These are mostly census pdfs which are now held on the website.
19 Aug 2011 John Edward Bell added to database. He was a brother of Alexander Law Bell and was the son of Edward and Mary Bell of Coagh.
12 Aug 2011 The Forum has now being added.
  - Each casualty has their own section.
  - You'll need to register to add information.
  - Photos can be added also.
  - Forum will be customised to suit website at a later date.
  - Moderators will be assigned in due course.
  - More sections will be added to cover other topics. Suggestions please.
03 Aug 2011 The Census tells us that the Scilley family changed their name to Seeley sometime between 1901 and 1911. It may be that William Scilley is also known as William Seeley. A wise decision.
30 July 2011 Name of James Joseph McGhie changed to James Joseph Magee. Both the census results and the CWGC refer to him as "Magee".
28 July 2011 Census details for Mervyn Jack McGeown (Marvyn in the book) added.
28 July 2011 All cemeteries in a particular country now shown on a map. See Greece for an example
26 July 2011 Thanks to Martin in Buncrana who sent this message regarding Robert Hogshaw
  "A man has in his possesion the war medal awarded to Private Robert Hogshaw and it is in a box and has newspaper clippings from the time. Is there family that would be interested in getting it back to Cookstown. I will be happy to put them in touch."
  Anybody interested should contact us.
26 July 2011 Thanks to Yair Malachi who sent through an excelent photo of William John McVeigh's grave in Jerusalem.
25 July 2011 Map section refined but still erroneous.
17 July 2011 First map added to Maps section. Relates to the Somme area. It still needs some refinement !
16 July 2011 Memorials section now has the facility to show text and photos. see Moneymore War Memorial for an example
13 July 2011 Google maps are now used to show the location of each local memorial.
13 July 2011 Good news on James Smith who was not commemorated with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:
"This casualty has recently been accepted for commemoration by the Commission. However, it will not be possible to add his name to this Memorial immediately. Please contact the Commission before planning a visit, for more information.
12 July 2011 All sorts of miscellaneous references and information added to various Casualties. Too may to list here.
12 July 2011 Discovered websites with photos of the panels of various Memorials. See Loos for an example
12 July 2011 Website moved onto a commercial server. Speed of website should be noticeably quicker.
04 July 2011 Four letters from George Greer home to his mother added.
04 July 2011 J W Silkstone details updated. By finding his Census records, his parents names have been revealed. Through a process of elimination (only two 'J Silkstone's), his CWGC record has been deduced. Lance Corporal John William Silkstone
04 July 2011 Information found on Thomas Henry which revises father's name from Richard to Robert with the result census records are now available.
26 June 2011 An entire section of cemetery histories has been added. Based initially on the CWGC description, these descriptions will be customised with a Mid Ulster bias. Photos can now be added into these descriptions.
25 June 2011 Many thanks to Christine Tyrell, who emailed a photo and information regarding James McNeill McKinstry. The photo was provided courtesy of Mr Robert Shields, great-nephew of James.
15 June 2011 Links added from the Auckland War Memorial Museum - service details of all New Zealand War Dead.
15 June 2011 Links and images added from the online Canadian Library and Archive.
13 June 2011 Links added from the Australian War Memorial website
12 June 2011 Some 300+ links from the 1901 and 1911 Census added
27 May 2011 Preview of the first of the "maps".
22 May 2011 New front page, new colour coded navigation.
14 May 2011 A form of cemetery description added.
14 May 2011 The contact page should be working properly.
14 May 2011 Basic Search facility added (version 1.0)
11 May 2011 12 more photos of gravestones have been added.
10 May 2011 About 95% of the text about the people in the book has now being added. (pages 299 through 303 remain).
09 May 2011 References to the Census Archives of 1901 ands 1911 commenced. See Joseph Newell for an example
08 May 2011 A photo of the Campbell-Bennett Aperiodic Compass, invented by George Richard Colin Campbell, added.
05 May 2011 A facility has been added to link to external references in the casualty details. An example of this is John Charles McKeown who now has a link to a Facebook reference. In all there are 6 links to Facebook's Ardboe Gallery.
05 May 2011 Portraits added for Thomas George Doris and Joseph Conlon
03 May 2011 The facility to add references to other casualties eg brother, friend of, etc. See example John Joseph McCaffrey
03 May 2011 Unlimited amounts of photos can now be added to the additional information section of a casualty. see example of S Lyttle
02 May 2011 Information added on the grave of William Montgomery
02 May 2011 All the casualty text available at the moment has been added. Some 126 casualties of the 462 have yet to be resolved.
19 April 2011 Casualty text has been added. Up to and including L. (surnames)
16 April 2011 The following Casualties have been added (not in the book)
  - Robert Hutchinson
  - J T Cooke
  - Andrew Lagan
  - S Lyttle
27 Feb 2011 Casualty text has been added. Up to and including H. (surnames)
20 Feb 2011 Casualty text has been added. Up to and including G. (surnames)
20 Feb 2011 Headings for Casualty "references and links" added. It will act as a repository for links for a casualty within the site (relations, friends, etc) and external links (ships, battles etc)
20 Feb 2011 Headings for "Cemetery History" within cemetery page added.
Where "Cemetery Location" describes where a cemetery is, cemetery history will detail history.
22 Jan 2011 Casualty text being added. Through C, into D.. (surnames)
20 Jan 2011 The structure for inserting literally endless amounts of information about a casualty has been added. See the first few casualties (surnames A-B) to see the results.
18 Jan 2011 More gps positions for the cemeteries added to database.
8 Jan 2011 Cemetery details page has been updated (eg Thiepval)
  - Grave and person icons denote if casualty has relevant photo.
8 Jan 2011 Casualty list page now has been updated.
  - Grave and person icons denote if casualty has relevant photo.
  - Choice of which war "almost works". To be fixed later.
  - Alternate shading should help readability
  - Sort facility added to almost all columns
3 Jan 2011 The following Casualties have been added (not in the book)
  - Samuel Mills
  - Matthew McLaren
  - Charles Coy
  - Thomas Harris
  - George Forrest
  - John Hartley
  - Dennis George Fletcher
3 Jan 2011 Local memorials section added to Casualty information page
2 Jan 2011 20 photos added to graves. Casualty information page will now show either the memorial inscription or the grave (if available).