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26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks Charles Crooks was the youngest son of John and Esther Crooks. John Crooks married Esther Crooks on 11th December 1874 in the district of Cookstown.
26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks Charles Edward Crooks was born in Moneymore on 22nd September 1896. He was one of fourteen children, twelve surviving.
26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks The family moved to Antrim around 1898.
26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks Family: John Crooks, Esther Crooks, George Crooks (born about 1876), John Crooks (born 13th December 1878), Mary Crooks (born 17th October 1882), Esther Crooks (born 3rd December 1884), Margaret Crooks (born 6th June 1886), Robert Crooks (born 16th April 1888), Samuel James Crooks (born 16th March 1890), Sarah Crooks (born 27th June 1892), Cecil Crooks (born 17th June 1894), Edward Charles Crooks (born 22nd September 1896), Gertrude Crooks (born 18th May 1899), Blanche Crooks (born 29th January 1902).
26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks The 1901 census lists Charles Edward as age 4, living with the family at house 72 in Shanoguestown, County Antrim. John Crooks was a hoist man.
26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks The 1911 census lists Charles Edward as age 14, living with the family at house 69 in Muckamore Town, County Antrim. Charles had left school and was working as a cotton folder. His father was a linen worker.
26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks Following the start of the war Charles Crooks enlisted in Antrim. He was living in Muckamore.
26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks Corporal Charles Edward Crooks was serving with the 12th Battalion of the Royal Irish Rifles when he was killed in action on Tuesday 16th April 1918 in Belgium.
26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks The 12th Battalion lost three men on the 16th April 1918 and none of them have a known grave.
26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks Corporal Charles Crooks has no known grave and is commemorated on Tyne Cot Memorial in Belgium.
26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks The CWGC record Corporal Charles Edward Crooks as the son of John Crooks of 61 Mill View, Muckamore, County Antrim.
26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks Last will and testament of Corporal Charles Edward Crooks (two versions)
26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks 01105
26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks In the event of my death, I leave the whole of my property and effects to my father, Mr John Crooks, 61 Muckamore, County Antrim
26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks 01103
26/05/2017 Corp Charles Edward Crooks 01104
26/05/2017 Pte. William Thomas Bleeks William Bleeks was a son of James and Elizabeth Bleeks. James Bleeks married Bessie McKnight on 14th March 1876 in the district of Cookstown.
26/05/2017 Pte. William Thomas Bleeks William Thomas Bleeks was born on 28th August 1890 in the Stewartstown area.
26/05/2017 Pte. William Thomas Bleeks The 1901 census lists William as age 10, living with the family at house 3 in Glebe, Stewartstown. His father was an agricultural labourer.
26/05/2017 Pte. William Thomas Bleeks William enlisted in Dungannon, joining the Connaught Rangers, Army Number: 9457.
26/05/2017 Pte. William Thomas Bleeks He was subsequently transferred to the Machine-Gun Corps.
26/05/2017 Pte. William Thomas Bleeks By 1918 William was serving in Palestine where he fell ill and was transferred to hospital in Cairo.
26/05/2017 Pte. William Thomas Bleeks Private William Thomas Bleeks was serving with the 3rd Indian Division of the Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) when he died of illness on Thursday 17th October 1918.
26/05/2017 Pte. William Thomas Bleeks Private William Thomas Bleeks is buried in Cairo War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt.
26/05/2017 Pte. William Thomas Bleeks During the First World War, Cairo was the headquarters to the United Kingdom garrison in Egypt. With Alexandria, it became the main hospital centre for Gallipoli and later in the war it dealt with the sick and wounded from operations in Palestine and Egypt.
26/05/2017 Pte. William Thomas Bleeks William Thomas Bleeks is commemorated on Stewartstown Cenotaph and Donaghendry Church of Ireland Roll of Honour.
26/05/2017 Pte. William Thomas Bleeks The CWGC record Private William Thomas Bleeks as the son of James and Elizabeth Bleeks of North Street, Stewartstown, County Tyrone
26/05/2017 Pte. William Thomas Bleeks Possible family: James Bleeks, Lizzie Bessie Bleeks, John Bleeks (born 7th April 1877), George Bleeks (born 23rd April 1879), Lizzie Bleeks (born 1th December 1881), Catherine Bleeks (born 7th December 1883), James Bleeks (born 14th July 1886), Robert Bleeks (born 15th August 1888), William Thomas Bleeks (born 28th August 1890), Anne Bleeks (born 21st September 1892), Garves / Jennis Bleeks (male, born 12th January 1895), Margaret Bleeks (born 4th January 1897), Henry Bleeks (born 21st January 1899).
26/05/2017 Pte. William Thomas Bleeks 01106
26/05/2017 Pte. William Thomas Bleeks 01107
24/05/2017 Corp John Gilmor Magee Corporal John Gilmor Magee has no known grave and is commemorated on Bay 8 on the Arras Memorial to the Missing, France.
24/05/2017 Corp John Gilmor Magee John Gilmor Magee was a son of Alexander and Sarah Magee. Alexander Magee married Sarah Magee on 11th August 1890 in the district of Cookstown.
24/05/2017 Corp John Gilmor Magee John was born on 5th June 1898 in the Cookstown area. He was one of at least eleven children.
24/05/2017 Corp John Gilmor Magee The 1901 census lists John ĎJí as age 2, living with family at house 23 in Tullycall, Oritor, County Tyrone. His father was a carpenter.
24/05/2017 Corp John Gilmor Magee The 1911 census lists John G Magee as age 12, living with family at house 5 in Toberlane, Orritor. He was still at school. Both his father and his elder brother were carpenters.
24/05/2017 Corp John Gilmor Magee Family: Alexander Magee, Sarah Magee, Anderson Magee (born 1st November 1892), George Henry H Magee (born 23rd June 1894), Robert A Magee (born 19th July 1896), John G Magee (born 5th June 1898), Jessie Magee (born 6th March 1900), Albert E Magee (born 12th January 1902), Andrew Magee (born 16th December 1904), Ronald Magee (born 21st December 1905), Cecil J B Magee (born 18th February 1909), Sarah Magee (born 1st February 1912).
24/05/2017 Corp John Gilmor Magee John was employed with his father at Wellbrook until early 1916.
24/05/2017 Corp John Gilmor Magee He was a prominent member of the Ulster Volunteers and of Orritor L.O.L.
24/05/2017 Corp John Gilmor Magee After leaving his position at Wellbrook, he went to work in Glasgow.
24/05/2017 Corp John Gilmor Magee John Magee joined the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), with the Service No. 23371.
24/05/2017 Corp John Gilmor Magee He subsequently transferred to the Highland Light Infantry.
24/05/2017 Corp John Gilmor Magee John G Magee was in France from June 1916 and took part in many engagements, notably at Cambrai and Arras. He was home on leave twice during active service.
24/05/2017 Corp John Gilmor Magee Corporal John Magee was serving with 14th Battalion of the Highland Light Infantry when he was killed in action on Wednesday 27th March 1918.
11/05/2017 Pte. Robert Blair Robert Blair was a native of Castlecaulfield.
11/05/2017 Pte. Robert Blair He had served for some years overseas in Egypt.
11/05/2017 Pte. Robert Blair Robert had been employed in Orritor quarry where he lost an eye in an accident with a traction engine.
11/05/2017 Pte. Robert Blair Robert was a member of Montober R.B.P. No. 598.
11/05/2017 Pte. Robert Blair Robert Blair married Sarah Jane Kempton on the 14th April 1914. Sarah Janeís father was a teacher, presumably at Toberlane School.
11/05/2017 Pte. Robert Blair Robert and Sarah had one child. William Blair was born on 20th January 1915 in the district of Cookstown.
11/05/2017 Pte. Robert Blair Robert was described as a quiet inoffensive man and respected by all who knew him.
11/05/2017 Pte. Robert Blair At the beginning of the war, he was still an army reservist with the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. He was called up but owing to the defect in his sight he was not sent to the Western Front but was instead employed as a cook in the depot in Omagh.
11/05/2017 Pte. Robert Blair Whilst at home for Easter holidays in 1915 in Toberlane, Private Blair became ill suffering from a severe cold. He later developed influenza and cardiac trouble.
11/05/2017 Pte. Robert Blair Private Robert Blair died of illness at home on 8th April 1915.
11/05/2017 Pte. Robert Blair Private Robert Blair is interred in Cookstown New Cemetery.
11/05/2017 Pte. Robert Blair In later years Robertís wife would often say that she was married, widowed, and became a mother, all in the one year.
11/05/2017 Pte. Robert Blair Robert Blair is commemorated on Cookstown Cenotaph and St. Luranís Church of Ireland Roll of Honour, Derryloran, Cookstown.
11/05/2017 Pte. Robert Blair 01102
10/05/2017 Corp Robert Forde Robert was the youngest son of Robert and Annie Forde. Robert Forde married Annie Gibson on 24th December 1879 in the district of Cookstown.
10/05/2017 Corp Robert Forde It is believed Robert was born in the Rock area on 20th December 1888. He was one of three sons. There is some doubt because GRONI does not list the first names of the three sons.
10/05/2017 Corp Robert Forde Possible family: Robert Forde, Annie Forde, Unknown male (born 15th November 1882), Thomas G Forde (born 3rd October 1884), Robert Forde (born 20th December 1888).
10/05/2017 Corp Robert Forde The 1901 census lists Robert as 11 years old, living with the family at house 16 in Bardahessiagh, The Rock, County Tyrone. They were a farming family.
10/05/2017 Corp Robert Forde The 1911 census lists Robert as 22 years old, living with the family at house 4 in Bardahessiagh, Rock. Robert was working on his fatherís farm.
10/05/2017 Corp Robert Forde Prior to enlisting, Robert Forde was a section leader with Pomeroy Company of Ulster Volunteers.
10/05/2017 Corp Robert Forde Robert joined with the 9th Battalion of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers at Finner Camp, Ballyshannon, County Donegal.
10/05/2017 Corp Robert Forde Robert attained the rank of Corporal.
10/05/2017 Corp Robert Forde While the battalion was training at Randalstown, County Antrim, Corporal Robert Forde contracted Scarlet fever and was taken to hospital in Antrim town where he died of his illness on 27th May 1915.
10/05/2017 Corp Robert Forde Corporal Robert Forde is interred in Antrim Cemetery, County Antrim.
10/05/2017 Corp Robert Forde The CWGC record Corporal Robert Forde as the son of Robert Forde of Bardahessiagh, Pomeroy, County Tyrone.
10/05/2017 Corp Robert Forde The CWGC list Corporal Robert Forde as the husband of Anna Forde. It is not known how accurate this information is.
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