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14/06/2018 The 1911 census does not list Michael as living with the family at house 13 in Dirnan, Lissan Upper.
14/06/2018 Michael Corrigan is also commemorated on the family headstone in Lissan Roman Catholic Churchyard. The graveyard map records them as being from Dirnan.
14/06/2018 Have Mercy on the soul of Bernard Corrigan died 29th January 1920. Sarah Corrigan died 29th September 1928. Their son Michael Corrigan died 30th March 1918, their daughter Sarah Higgins died 22nd March 1933 and their son Bernard died 3rd April 1965
14/06/2018 Michael Cargan was the eldest son of Bernard and Sarah Cargan. Bernard Cargan and Sarah O’Neil were married on 14th April 1885 in the district of Cookstown.
14/06/2018 Michael Cargan was born on 8th June 1885 in Lissan. His birth was registered in Moneymore. Michael was the eldest of seven children.
14/06/2018 Family: Bernard Corrigan (died 29th January 1920), Sarah Corrigan (died 29th September 1928), Michael Corrigan (born 8th June 1885, died 30th March 1918), James Corrigan (born 2nd August 1886), Bernard Corrigan (born 3rd September 1888, died 3rd April 1965), Mary Anne Corrigan (born 31st March 1891), Sarah Corrigan (born 6th May 1893, died 22nd March 1933), Patrick Corrigan (born 20th July 1895), Charles Corrigan (born 23rd January 1901).
14/06/2018 The 1901 and 1911 census results both list the family name as Cargan. All relative GRONI records have the name GRONI. It seems the family name changed after 1911. The family headstone in Lissan RC graveyard has the name Corrigan.
14/06/2018 The 1901 census lists Michael as age 15, living with the family at house 5 in Dirnan, Lisson Upper, County Londonderry. Michael had left school and was working as a farmer. They were a farming family.
18/08/2017 The CWGC record Private Michael Corrigan as the son of Bernard and Sarah Corrigan, of Dirnan Lissan, Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland.
18/08/2017 Private Michael Corrigan has no known grave and is commemorated on Grevillers Cemetery, (New Zealand) Memorial, France.
18/08/2017 Private Michael Corrigan was killed in action in France on 30th March 1918.
18/08/2017 Michael was living in Utiku. Utiku is situated in the middle of the North Island. It is about 100 kilometres west of Hastings.
18/08/2017 At the outbreak of the First World War, Michael enlisted with the 2nd Battalion Auckland Regiment, New Zealand Rifle Brigade.
18/08/2017 As a young man he emigrated to New Zealand and settled in Auckland.
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