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02/06/2017 Corporal John Magee was serving with 14th Battalion of the Highland Light Infantry when he was killed in action on 22nd March 1918.
24/05/2017 John was born on 5th June 1898 in the Cookstown area. He was one of at least eleven children.
24/05/2017 John Gilmor Magee was a son of Alexander and Sarah Magee. Alexander Magee married Sarah Magee on 11th August 1890 in the district of Cookstown.
24/05/2017 The 1901 census lists John J as age 2, living with family at house 23 in Tullycall, Oritor, County Tyrone. His father was a carpenter.
24/05/2017 The 1911 census lists John G Magee as age 12, living with family at house 5 in Toberlane, Orritor. He was still at school. Both his father and his elder brother were carpenters.
24/05/2017 Family: Alexander Magee, Sarah Magee, Anderson Magee (born 1st November 1892), George Henry H Magee (born 23rd June 1894), Robert A Magee (born 19th July 1896), John G Magee (born 5th June 1898), Jessie Magee (born 6th March 1900), Albert E Magee (born 12th January 1902), Andrew Magee (born 16th December 1904), Ronald Magee (born 21st December 1905), Cecil J B Magee (born 18th February 1909), Sarah Magee (born 1st February 1912).
24/05/2017 He was a prominent member of the Ulster Volunteers and of Orritor L.O.L.
24/05/2017 After leaving his position at Wellbrook, he went to work in Glasgow.
24/05/2017 John Magee joined the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), with the Service No. 23371.
24/05/2017 He subsequently transferred to the Highland Light Infantry.
24/05/2017 John G Magee was in France from June 1916 and took part in many engagements, notably at Cambrai and Arras. He was home on leave twice during active service.
24/05/2017 John was employed with his father at Wellbrook until early 1916.
24/05/2017 Corporal John Gilmor Magee has no known grave and is commemorated on Bay 8 on the Arras Memorial to the Missing, France.
30/12/2015 Corporal John Gilmour Magee had been on duty in the front line and had just finished his shift when an enemy airplane came over the trench, firing its machine gun and he was killed instantly.
30/12/2015 Courtesy of
30/12/2015 The CWGC officially changed the spelling from John G McGee to John G Magee around Christmas 2012.
30/12/2015 Dear Madam, In reply to your letter dated 8th May 1918, I regret to inform you that your son 29112 Corporal J G Magee was killed in action on the 22 March 1918. He had been on duty in the front line with a few more of his chums and had just finished his tour, when an enemy aeroplane came over the trench, firing its machine gun and he was killed instantly and buried the same evening in the British cemetery close by. I may say that the cemetery I speak of is now in enemy lines. Dear Madam, t is really very unfortunate that the sad affairs I write about should be executed by myself for Corporal Magee was a particular friend of my own, and was well respected by officers and men of his Company and had been mentioned several times for his bravery and was a thorough soldier, so I may say he was sadly missed by all who knew him. Therefore Dear Madam, our sincere sympathy goes out to you, on your sad bereavement. Yours sincerely P Lambe, QSM Sgt.
30/12/2015 At the time of his death John had two other brothers serving in the army. George Magee was serving with the Inniskillings, and Robert with a Labour Battalion of the Royal Scots.
30/12/2015 Letter Dated 18th May 1918 from P Lambe, QSM Sgt.
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