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19/02/2019 CURRAN – In loving memory of my dear son, Private Sam Curran, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, killed in action in France on 21st November 1916.
19/02/2019 ‘Two years today my dear son fell,
19/02/2019 Beneath the roar of shot and shell;
19/02/2019 When days are dark and friends are few,
19/02/2019 It’s then, my son, I think of you.
19/02/2019 Had I but got on last fond look
19/02/2019 Into your loving face;
19/02/2019 Or had I only got the chance
19/02/2019 To kneel down in that place.
19/02/2019 And when my heart is breaking, I seem to hear him say,
19/02/2019 To hold your head, my loving son
19/02/2019 From the Mid Ulster Mail dated 23rd November 1918:
19/02/2019 Keep up your heart dear mother, we’ll meet again some day.’
19/02/2019 Nor yet will I forget the noble sacrifice you made;
19/02/2019 Your cheery sunny countenance, never from my memory fades,
19/02/2019 The tears I shed today.
19/02/2019 My heart would not have felt so much,
19/02/2019 While your life blood ebbed away;
19/02/2019 Ever remembered by his sorrowing mother, sisters and brother, Oldtown Street, Cookstown
24/08/2017 Both surnames have various spellings throughout the records.
24/08/2017 Samuel James was born on 15th June 1897. He was one of six children. The family were all born in the Cookstown area.
24/08/2017 Samuel Curran was the eldest son of David and Elizabeth Curran. David Curran married Elizabeth Maybin on 26th March 1894 in the district of Cookstown.
24/08/2017 Last Will and Testament of Private Sam Curran dated 27th March 1914:
24/08/2017 Samuel’s brother, Private David Curran, also died in the war. He died of his wounds on Wednesday 23rd October 1918.
24/08/2017 Family: David Curran, Lizzie Curran, Mary Elizabeth Curran (born 16th March 1895), Samuel James Curran (born 15th June 1897), David George Curran (born 3rd October 1899), John Maybin Curran (born 9th August 1902), Margaret Jane Curran (born 16th July 1906), Annie Curran (born 30th July 1909).
30/12/2015 In the event of my death, I give the whole of my property and effects to my mother Mrs Lizzie Curran, Oldtown Street, Cookstown, Co Tyrone, Ireland. 4421 Private Sam Curran 1st Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. 27 March 1914.
30/12/2015 The 1911 census records Samuel’s mother as a widow. Since the youngest child is only a year old, it can be assumed that his father died about 1910. Samuel was 13 and had left school to become a news boy.
30/12/2015 Samuel was an enthusiastic member of Cookstown company of Ulster Volunteers, and was described as having a cheerful, happy disposition and popular with all, who knew him. He had been employed by, Adair & Company, Greenvale Mill, Cookstown.
30/12/2015 Samuel Curran enlisted in Cookstown with the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, army number: 4421.
30/12/2015 He later transferred to the Machine Gun Corps, where he was attached to the 87th Company.
30/12/2015 Private Samuel J Curran was aged just 20 when he was killed in action on 21st November 1916 along with Peter Begley of Antrim.
30/12/2015 Neither of the brothers have a known grave and both are commemorated on panel 5C-12C on Thiepval Memorial, France.
30/12/2015 From the Mid Ulster Mail dated Saturday 23rd December 1916: Private Curran
30/12/2015 Mrs Lizzie Curran, Oldtown Street, Cookstown, who is at present in the employment of Dr Elliott has received the following letter announcing the death in action of her brother, Private S J Curran, on 21st November
30/12/2015 ‘1st December 1916. Dear Madam, it is my painful duty to inform you of the death of your brother, Private S J Curran on 21st November. He was killed instantly by a bomb and I’m glad to say he didn’t suffer any pain. He was buried in the evening and a cross marks the spot. I may say that your brother will be greatly missed in our section, as he was always bright and cheerful, and an excellent soldier in all respects, and it will be some consolation to you to know that he died as a good and brave man. With deep regret I remain, yours faithfully, Leonard K Norris, 2nd Lieutenant, O.C., No B Section.’
30/12/2015 Private Curran, who joined the Inniskillings some months previous to the outbreak of the war, was an enthusiastic member of Cookstown U.V.F. Of a cheerful disposition, he was most popular with all who knew him, and the news of his death has caused sincere regret to many. Before joining the army, he was employed by Messrs Adair.
30/12/2015 Samuel Curran is also commemorated on Cookstown Cenotaph and St. Luran’s Church of Ireland, Roll of Honour, Derryloran, Cookstown.
30/12/2015 Peter, like Samuel had enlisted into the Royal Inniskillings and later transferred to the Machine Gun Corps.
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