Friends of the Somme - Mid Ulster Branch
No Mem Ref Service No Rank Name Regiment / Service Battalion Date Of Death
1 01 K/27693 Stoker 1st Forrest, John Royal Navy HMS Hampshire 05/06/1916
2 02 Clyde Z/3809 Able Seaman Hannon, Malachy Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve Hawke Battalion 13/11/1916
3 03 Lieut Stuart, Andrew John Viscount Royal Scots Fusiliers 6th Battalion 25/09/1915
4 04 Capt Hon. Stuart, Robert Sheffield Royal Scots Fusiliers 1st Battalion 02/11/1914
5 05 Lieut Harris, Eric Wallace Royal Garrison Artillery 213rd Siege Battery 04/11/1917
6 06 2nd Lieut Stewart, Joseph Royal Dublin Fusiliers 4th Battalion 16/08/1917
7 07 17230 Reg QM Sgt Barlowe, James Alex Bell Royal Irish Rifles 19th Battalion 16/07/1919
8 08 Unknown Watters, Hugh Henry Highland Light Infantry
9 09 95897 Gnr Devlin, John Royal Field Artillery C Battery 53rd Brigade 19/12/1915
10 10 10653 R/man Carron, Francis Royal Irish Rifles 6th Battalion 08/08/1915
11 11 1157 R/man Fulton, Robert Royal Irish Rifles 16th Battalion 02/07/1916
12 12 21215 R/man Leslie, Thomas 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade 2nd Battalion 12/08/1917
13 13 27459 Pte. Armstrong, David Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 12th Battalion 12/08/1917
14 14 23160 Pte. Bleeks (Bleakes), George Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 9th Battalion 01/08/1918
15 15 3853 Pte. Donaldson, John Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 23/11/1916
16 16 21164 Pte. Mallon, Edward Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1st Battalion 01/07/1916
17 17 10693 Pte. Murphy, Patrick Joseph Leo Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 23/08/1914
18 18 6794 L/Corp McAleece, James Royal Irish Rifles 11th Battalion 01/07/1916
19 19 10534 Pte. McAleece, William Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 10/07/1916
20 20 23188 Pte. McReynolds, Hamilton Patterson Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 9th Battalion 12/03/1916
21 21 4069 Pte. Newell, John Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 07/11/1914
22 22 9988 Pte. Newell, Joseph Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 21/10/1914
23 23 20502 Pte. O'Neill, John Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 7th Battalion 27/04/1916
24 24 31893 Pte. Quinn, Peter Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers Depot 25/10/1918
25 25 61888 Pte. Bleeks, William Thomas Machine Gun Corps 3rd Indian Division 17/10/1918
26 26 27220 Pte. Donnelly, Samuel Royal Scots 15th Battalion 01/07/1916
27 27 77056 Pte. Norris, Robert Henry Canadian Infantry 7th Battalion 21/07/1915
28 28 63968 Pte. Reid, Robert Labour Corps 107th Battalion 12/12/1917
Town : Stewartstown
Latitude : 54.577522
Lontitude : -6.676385
Date Unveiled :
Stewartstown War Memorial is located in the square in the town centre. If approaching from Cookstown along West Street, it is on the left hand side of the square. It is a granite obelisk standing 16 feet (5 metres) high. There are two plaques, one for each war.

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Memorial History
Stewartstown War Memorial is located in the village square. It is a granite obelisk standing 16 feet (5 metres) high and surrounded with a substantial railing and is situated at the top of the square
On the top of the south face of the obelisk there is a black laurel wreath. On the shaft the names of the First World War Dead are listed on the panel below.
The names of the Second World War dead are listed on the east face of the obelisk.
The Memorial was unveiled in 1921 by the sister of Viscount Charlemont, the Hon. Rachel Caulfield who performed the ceremony on behalf of Viscount Charlemont’s wife Lady Charlemont, who was too ill to attend.
Viscount Charlemont explained that the obelisk was only part of the Memorial in Stewartstown, as trees were to be planted all around the square in the village.
The unveiling ceremony was performed by 38 ex-servicemen and a detachment of soldiers from the Military Depot in Omagh.